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Well i cannot believe that my 3 year degree in illustration has finally come to an end, i have handed in a gazillion files, ticked off the whole of my tick list and gained several more grey hairs in the process – but it is all done – all handed in – and my display stand is now done and ready for the graduate show in June, how exciting!

So today, in the hottest room ever, we painted and measured and pushed and pulled fabrics and wallpapers and illustrations, placed china mugs and soft cushions, and stood back to view the finished result – now to hope it doesnt fall down!!

My display for my final degree show.


Someone suggested to me the other day that some of my designs were very much in the ‘Liberty Style’ and that i should look at trying to go to one of their ‘open call’ events. I have been researching this, watched the YouTube video (below) was quite excited as  saw some wonderful designs, felt a little intimidated by some, but then motivated by others…and totally inspired over all. I was a little put off at the fact that they were queuing from 5am!! – i don’t think i could hold down a conversation at that time in the morning to be honest, and also i only saw one ‘oldey’ such as myself that was on the video – but i must not try to let that put me off hey? Better late than never!

IF you are successful at the ‘Open Call’ events, and that is a HUGE if, as they mentioned they have around 600 designers that attend and out of that around 5 will supply to Liberty s, then it is a really great first step towards making some money out of design. I am NOT going to be put off by the fact that i am up against qualified textile designers, as i know that my head is FULL of pattern…full of ideas…and i will teach myself (or find people to teach me) what ever i need to know, that’s for sure! :0)

I am now thinking that i may want to continue to develop the design aspect through my MA..the only thing that puts me off is that the university that i am in has no textiles or fashion dept, and doesnt have ONE member of staff to ask for help, so i have been flying solo on this unfortunately, but maybe thats a good thing in the end?

The fabrics that i am displaying arrived today from USA, the size of the print has changed, and i have spent all morning trying to work out why, and realised that when i sent them off the first time they were on the wrong colour setting and so they have printed them out on their default setting of 150dpi even though they were saved at 300dpi – however – i actually think it has worked out better as i think the Time for Teas is better larger as you can see the design more, and the squares and the magnolia are better smaller – so it’s all ok in the end!

I am even more excited this morning (if that is possible) as the long awaited ‘Purple Magnolia’ has finally arrived from Spoonflower (after i had accidently clicked on it to be delivered by banana boat instead of Fed Ex!! (what a numpty hey?)….i have sat and prayed that it would arrive on time..and today it popped through the door!

‘Purple Magnolia’ by Jaminosh Designs


i am really pleased that i decided to have this one printed on a blend of cotton and silk as the feel of it is so luxurious and silky! It would make fabulous bedding i think as well as curtains etc, and would turn any room into an elegant living space. It is also available in a range of colours, including black and white (which is a really striking combination)

It is definitely all coming together now!! :0)

This is my second design to be printed by the speedy Spoonflower, and arrived today! It was originally designed for wallpaper and entered for the ideal home wallpaper exhibition, but i remember thinking at the time that i would have preferred to print it out onto fabric – so here it is! I have reduced the image size slightly, but am really pleased at how the design has printed out considering that a lot of the images were created with monoprinted materials.

‘Hearts and Squares’ – fabric design

These fabrics will be available to buy from Spoonflower when i have finished uploading and printing all the fabrics, so watch this space! The design company name i have chosen is called Jaminosh Designs.

Jaminosh business cards minus mobile number!

Well what a great day today, just as i was working on creating a 4 foot green witch for my graduate show, and was struggling to get the dimensions right, the doorbell rang and there was a Fed Ex guy at the door with a tiny little package…i was excited though as i knew this would be the first sample of my fabric design that i had sent off to ‘Spoonflower’, and i needed it to make things to show how i would use the fabric.

The design is called ‘Time for Tea’ and it is based on the ‘British afternoon tea’ which consists of bone china cups, silver tea pots, sugar cubes, cake, strawberries, coffee pots, and lovely old clocks. It is really designed as a kitchen design that could be used for T Towels (if anyone still uses them) aprons, serviettes, place mats etc, but then it would also look lovely on cake tins etc.

I am working on a black and white version for kitchen wallpaper too. I like the ‘illustrated look’ for wallpaper and also fabrics, and have some others that i need to try and get done before the show, but time is running out, so i may need to save some of it for ‘New Designers’ show in london at the beginning of July this year.

At the show i will be displaying the 2 books i have written – and also fabric and wallpaper designs, so please feel free to come along during that week to see. The trade and professional day is the wednesday 4th July, when i will be there along with my portfolio etc, the rest of the week is open to the general public.

Here is the finished fabric – shame to cut into it don’t you think?

‘Time for Tea’ – my fabric design, based on the British afternoon tea! 🙂