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I just recently watched this you tube clip about how Andrea Dezso goes about creating her amazing ‘cut out’ installations and the logistical nightmare she seems to have especially with the lighting, that she said took 2 days to set up – mind you she does have ‘lighting experts’ to help her – not like me….battling away all by myself!!

Her work is amazing, and she is so super talented, doing anything from cut outs to model making to animation and embroidery animation, i find her a true inspiration and she also seems like a really genuine person as well.

Today i have come across the work by an amazing artist Andrea Dezso. She describes her tunnel books as ‘drawings in space’, and creates amongst other things, contemporary styled tunnel books.

A tunnel book is a set of cut-out panels, set one behind the other, and attached together with accordion folded hinges so that the scene can be opened out for viewing or folded flat for storage.They were popular paper toys in the mid 1800’s when they were known as ‘peep shows’.

Andrea Dezso's cut-out tunnel book creations


During the day she works at Parsons new school for design – you can see a wide array of her tunnel books here at -http://a.parsons.edu/%7Edezsoa/BOOKS_Tunnel1.html

She also does lots of other types of creative work – animated embroidery, works in porcelain,public art pieces such as can be seen below, where an enormous tunnel type creation was commissioned by the Rice Gallery in Houston in 2010. I would so love to see some of these creations in real life as they are stunning digitally, i can only imagine how amazing they look in real life!!

Commissioned large scale tunnel effect piece - called 'sometimes in my dreams i fly' - inspired by imaginary travel to the moon!

Andrea also produces work in cut paper and uses silhouettes , as can be seen in this one that was commissioned by the New York Times in 2007

Below are just a small selection of some of the work of Andreas that i find absolutely amazing – all images are taken from :http://a.parsons.edu/%7Edezsoa/BOOKS_Tunnel1.html