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Busy making for Xmas! 

It may only be August but the pressure is on!! Shops waiting for stock   need to get busy!☺


Peace plaques 

Busy drying on the tree!

Designing Mosaics

Seeing spots before my eyes as I design a large glass mosaic. Good fun though! Now to cut all the fiddly bits!!

Sharing Peace and Love!

It was my day off yesterday (well a day I have put aside to not work….but still keep busy) and I wanted to focus on what the world needs the most at the moment..peace and love….so I sat and painted some wooden hearts ( not quite finished yet) to pass it around!

Tweet Tweet Tweet!!


I never get tired of fusing these glass birds that I quite fondly refer to as ‘fat birds’ ☺ I know probably not very pc but then life is too short to get hung up over that!!
This little flock are off to two events tomorrow, both helping to raise awareness and funds for different causes…Blind Veterans UK are having a garden party in Llandudno. ..and the other half of my little flock of glass will be at Stamford Gate Hotel in Holywell where the Vintage and Artisan Fair rill be held. The money raised at this event will go towards the Lung Foundation.


Sore fingers today..massive cutting fest over the last two days… suffering with the usual firing anxiety that I get while waiting hor the dreaded ‘opening’ of the kiln in about 8 hours time!!


The aftermath of cutting fest!!! That can definitely wait!! ☺

Happy Father’s Day!


Today is a day for remembering our lovely dads…especially those that are no longer with us. This is my first Fathers Day without my lovely dad,  my heart is aching but I know he is never far away! Love you dad, now and forever xxx Happy Father’s Day!xxx

Posting my resignation!!


Sometimes you just have to say enough is enough and you need to take the plunge and leave! After spending over 3 years in a soul destroying employed job I now take the step towards my creative life, where I can write,Illustrate and fuse glass to my hearts content!! Watch out for lots more photos of glass fusing and illustration as I share with you my journey. Having recently recovered from emergency surgery, pulmonary embolism,ruptured ovarian cysts and a mass of infections. ..and coming out the other side ….I have now realised life is too short and I need to just get on either it…sieze the day…and may i be all that I am able to be!!! ☺


Sometimes it’s necessary to let your hair down and let it all hang out for a bit! Laughing is such great therapy! !