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Happy memories of Punch and Judy shows from my childhood!

I created this illustration a few months ago by first sitting and thinking about what made me happy when I was little. Unfortunately happy memories were a little scarce but the one that stuck in my mind the most was standing and watching the Punch and Judy shows! I remember being glued to the shows and trying to get as near as I could so I could hold on to the little white fence that was used for child crowd control in those days!! 😀

I know that nowadays Punch and Judy shows aren’t seen as being politically correct. Seen to be violent and abusive and utilising stereotypes. But you know what… As a nipper I just found it total fun and escapism, and with the home life I had this proved to give great respite!! ☺

This paint g is for sake and is on exhibition @Oriel ynys mon, Llangefni, anglesey until August 21st 2018, I will also be doing some limited edition prints.

My contact details are

I was so excited and shocked to be announced the winner of this award for my work in my Masters degree rsisi g awareness about abuse, control and violence, and also the research workshops I ran to identify what were the key factors needed in workshops to facilitate a cathartic release from trauma. Its still sinking in, and my aim now is to get funding for these workshops because they were so effective and to take them out to those that really need them as well as continuing the research with groups of men, as this was missing from the initial research. So exciting, and so excited that I can now blog from my phone!! God help everyone!! 😀

Well its been a long time and i am so so sorry!!! Life has been crazy but great! I am now the proud owner of an MA in Design Practice plus a national award – Cynnal Cymru (Sustain Wales) for my work on raising awareness about abuse, violence and control in the areas of ‘Sustainable Practices in Arts, Culture and Sports’ – two illustrated children’s books this year so far  and now my very first exhibition in the medium of illustration @ Oriel Ynys Mon (Anglesey) which i am very excited and very nervous about all at the same time!!!!

I promise, promise promise to start blogging more now, in fact as i am also writing a pocket sized illustrated book to help with depression i will be on here more as i would like to share some things with you and also ask you guys for your input!! See you soon!!


Busy making for Xmas! 

It may only be August but the pressure is on!! Shops waiting for stock   need to get busy!☺

Peace plaques 

Busy drying on the tree!

Designing Mosaics

Seeing spots before my eyes as I design a large glass mosaic. Good fun though! Now to cut all the fiddly bits!!

Sharing Peace and Love!

It was my day off yesterday (well a day I have put aside to not work….but still keep busy) and I wanted to focus on what the world needs the most at the moment..peace and love….so I sat and painted some wooden hearts ( not quite finished yet) to pass it around!


Sore fingers today..massive cutting fest over the last two days… suffering with the usual firing anxiety that I get while waiting hor the dreaded ‘opening’ of the kiln in about 8 hours time!!


The aftermath of cutting fest!!! That can definitely wait!! ☺

Happy Father’s Day!


Today is a day for remembering our lovely dads…especially those that are no longer with us. This is my first Fathers Day without my lovely dad,  my heart is aching but I know he is never far away! Love you dad, now and forever xxx Happy Father’s Day!xxx