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Enameled free hand to retain the life and energy of this little bird. Beautiful thick fused glass coasters available from myself (jaminosh designs) kids will love them, and something different for the Christmas table. I’m thinking

I’ll do sets of four where all the Robins are different ♥

Perfect for Christmas, I’m so thrilled with these fused glass coasters that I used more of a casting technique, hand polished and fired twice. All are different, bullseye glass, mesmeric colours, so up lifting !

Uplifting coloured glass

These beautiful fused glass and dichroic (glittery, reflective glass) Xmas decorations are now hung on silk ribbon and ready to sell!!

They are available individuky or in sets of 4 or 6. Only small quantities made. Free postage in the UK ♥

More beautiful fused glass Xmas tree decorations being made! Textured, with a 3d look, dichroic glass used to reflect the light, contemporary style, something a bit different, and can be boxed or packaged as a gift if required 🙂

Tweet Tweet Tweet!!


I never get tired of fusing these glass birds that I quite fondly refer to as ‘fat birds’ ☺ I know probably not very pc but then life is too short to get hung up over that!!
This little flock are off to two events tomorrow, both helping to raise awareness and funds for different causes…Blind Veterans UK are having a garden party in Llandudno. ..and the other half of my little flock of glass will be at Stamford Gate Hotel in Holywell where the Vintage and Artisan Fair rill be held. The money raised at this event will go towards the Lung Foundation.

And so now i wander into the field of glass…..hmmmm…..not alwasy easy, doesnt ever do what you think it will do, and am definitely having to learn to go with the flow – which is so much the opposite to my illustration work!!

Here i started off with some hot glass, that was intially supposed to be a wave formations, but it cracked whilst cooling (due to the molton glass being applied in the wrong direction initially) and so i ended up with 2 pieces – which i decided looked pretty fishy… here they are sandblasted and polshed, sat on bases that are due for fusing or are sandblasted – and just awaiting glass eyes and tails now – but you get the idea hey? I am also looking at lighting the glass from underneath as well as i love the way it brings it all to life!! Many more photos coming soon 🙂

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