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These are just some rough ideas that i have for the flying brief. This first one is  a collage of  a small kite that is being bullied by  other things that fly, and the second is a house haunted by a small ,shy,ghost.

Collage techniques

Haunted house in acrylics and oil pastels (spot the ghost...)

A bit lost by Chris Haughton

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I really love the simplicity and boldness of the images here, and the effect of the screen printing is amazing.I am very much drawn to the strength of the singe line image, and think that Chris’s black and white work is very effective. This  has certainly given me some ideas of techniques for my own work.

I can’t say i have ever been really thrilled about acrylics, have always looked at landscapes painted in this medium and hated the vividness of the colours, compared to the softness of watercolours and the subtle shades of oil paints. I have however come to realise that each medium has its place, and when combining this new developed awareness along with the arrival of some pretty decent acrylic paints (not the cheap versions i had been buying before) i started to fall in love with the lusciousness (love that word!) of acrylics, and have realised that children’s illustration is just the right place for utilising the power of colour!

So here is Brenda – the very naughty ‘star gobbling’ witch…in acrylics – with just a touch of glitter! :0)

Brenda - the naughty witch!

I really did enjoy sitting and painting, and wish we did more of it at uni, but then i realise the time constraints, and to be honest the room is so full of noisy students i would rather work at home in the peace and quiet anyway. I did work from dark to light with the acrylics this time, which i think has worked better than when i have worked the opposite way round, it was also a lot quicker, all in all the painting took me an hour from start to finish, so that’s not too bad!

I have a lot more to learn about the techniques of using acrylics, but practice makes perfect, i need to keep churning them out in order to improve.This painting was done on a canvas board, which i really loves as there is no need to stretch paper and you can load it up with as much paint as you want!!

Happy days!