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Had great fun today covering pen pots with the ‘Black Magnolia’ design – i feel it brings a little bit of luxury to my studio now, with my posh pen pot!

Posh Pen Pot – with’ Black Magnolia ‘Jaminosh Design’



I am even more excited this morning (if that is possible) as the long awaited ‘Purple Magnolia’ has finally arrived from Spoonflower (after i had accidently clicked on it to be delivered by banana boat instead of Fed Ex!! (what a numpty hey?)….i have sat and prayed that it would arrive on time..and today it popped through the door!

‘Purple Magnolia’ by Jaminosh Designs


i am really pleased that i decided to have this one printed on a blend of cotton and silk as the feel of it is so luxurious and silky! It would make fabulous bedding i think as well as curtains etc, and would turn any room into an elegant living space. It is also available in a range of colours, including black and white (which is a really striking combination)

It is definitely all coming together now!! :0)

Received this photo this morning of my designs printed onto mugs, please excuse the poor quality of the photo, and also try to imagine them printed onto a fine bone china mug with a delicate handle……as these are just a trial run!! I feel that my style of design is quite traditional and ‘British’, very ‘Afternoon Tea’ etc, and i think that that is represented better with a fine bone china mug – plus…my mother would never drink out of a mug like this…:0)


I am really pleased with them though..more to come!!

Mugs with ‘Jaminosh Designs’ on

Yesterday i decided to send off some designs to a place where they can be printed onto mugs, so i can put them on display at the graduate show on June 1st at University. I looked at the original designs that i had and chose 4 of them that i thought was suitable, but i decided i would also create a simple black and white version of the ‘Time for Tea’ design i had created for fabric, and so i set about removing the colour from the original and replacing the pinks with shades of grey and black – but it was interesting that as i looked at the design (now totally absent of colour) i felt really quite depressed as it looked boring, and plain…….

So….i though i would jazz it up a little and be brave and create a black background for the design, and then replaced the darker pinks with the lighter as i needed more contrast in the colours – and was really excited at the result!

‘Time for Tea’ in black

It just showed me that i NEED to feel excited and passionate about what i create. The colours need to say something to me (even if it is in black and white)…and also i have just learned that the reason why some of my designs are too bright on wordpress is because they needed to be changed to RGB instead of CMYK…..see!!..learning all the time!! 🙂

I have just submitted my entry to the Macmillan Children’s book competition where i managed to get 8 double colour pages done, a book jacket, end papers and title and copyright, but still need to do 4 more doubles now to finish by sunday so i can send it off to Blurb to get a really professional mock book done for my final university assessment in a couple of weeks – so the pressure is still on for now!!

Here  is an example of one of the pages in the book

Image from ‘Brenda the Misunderstood Witch’

The story is about a witch that is judged because she looks scary, and is green and hairy etc, and it gives you a surprising insight into her world, and details what she is really like.It is a book that aims to teach children to not ‘judge a book by its cover’ and to be more accepting of others (which i think is really important especially in this modern day world where the boundaries of race, creed and culture become merged). I think it is important that children’s books carry some sort of message, as children are really influenced by what they see and read, and i tried to make the main character as loveable as possible so that the children would be drawn to her.

Other books that i have written also carry messages for children, and as i am now coming to the end of my degree i would like to continue with my work to Masters level where i would like to continue to look at the role of the book in children’s lives with reference to their personal development and also how they interpret colour and image…exciting stuff i think!! :0)

What a lot of work it was to get the entry submitted to Macmillan for this years Children’s picture book competition!! The guidelines were a 24 page picture book, plus end papers, book jacket, title and copyright page – at least 4 double final pages (mounted and presented properly) and all labelled and presented as perfectly as possible and then sent by courier to London to be entered into this years competition.


This is a very prestigious competition and has many entries from colleges and universities all over the UK, competition is tough, and the research i have done seems to make me think that Macmillan are looking for ‘traditional’ illustrators that use a lot of traditional media (which would rule me out altogether as i use mixed media that includes digital media as well).

I think that the whole experience of entering Macmillan was invaluable…i now know how to book bind perfectly and can make a pretty good mock book that wouldnt look out of place on a bookshelf in a store, i now know how to cut perfect mounts (which is handy as we will be doing lots of this for the graduate show in a couple of weeks.) and more than anything i have learned how to get a massive amount of work done and how to achieve what i needed to achieve in a set time scale (not an easy feat when you have lots of other things to do at the same time!)

So it’s in!! and the image below is the mock book from the outside…it is a story about a green and hairy witch called Brenda!! – now all i need is to find a publisher!!!!!

My Macmillan entry…finally finished!! 🙂

This is my second design to be printed by the speedy Spoonflower, and arrived today! It was originally designed for wallpaper and entered for the ideal home wallpaper exhibition, but i remember thinking at the time that i would have preferred to print it out onto fabric – so here it is! I have reduced the image size slightly, but am really pleased at how the design has printed out considering that a lot of the images were created with monoprinted materials.

‘Hearts and Squares’ – fabric design

These fabrics will be available to buy from Spoonflower when i have finished uploading and printing all the fabrics, so watch this space! The design company name i have chosen is called Jaminosh Designs.

Jaminosh business cards minus mobile number!

Well what a great day today, just as i was working on creating a 4 foot green witch for my graduate show, and was struggling to get the dimensions right, the doorbell rang and there was a Fed Ex guy at the door with a tiny little package…i was excited though as i knew this would be the first sample of my fabric design that i had sent off to ‘Spoonflower’, and i needed it to make things to show how i would use the fabric.

The design is called ‘Time for Tea’ and it is based on the ‘British afternoon tea’ which consists of bone china cups, silver tea pots, sugar cubes, cake, strawberries, coffee pots, and lovely old clocks. It is really designed as a kitchen design that could be used for T Towels (if anyone still uses them) aprons, serviettes, place mats etc, but then it would also look lovely on cake tins etc.

I am working on a black and white version for kitchen wallpaper too. I like the ‘illustrated look’ for wallpaper and also fabrics, and have some others that i need to try and get done before the show, but time is running out, so i may need to save some of it for ‘New Designers’ show in london at the beginning of July this year.

At the show i will be displaying the 2 books i have written – and also fabric and wallpaper designs, so please feel free to come along during that week to see. The trade and professional day is the wednesday 4th July, when i will be there along with my portfolio etc, the rest of the week is open to the general public.

Here is the finished fabric – shame to cut into it don’t you think?

‘Time for Tea’ – my fabric design, based on the British afternoon tea! 🙂

When i was at the Ideal Home Exhibition in March this year i came across a stand run by a company called ‘Designs by Viva’ (their work can be viewed on their website  ( and i was really blown away by the impact of their work as they used the brightest, most vivid fabrics ever, and used them to decoupage onto lots of different things – from furniture, to telephones, lampshades – and even T Pots!!! (the lady on the stand told me that they had to use a special heat resitant sealer on the T Pot that allowed the tea pot to be used for hot tea, and not just decoration.

The ‘retro’ telephones were great as well, and it really inspired me to create some fabrics that are really bright and wacky, and then collect some old furniture to cover. Here are some of the examples of fabrics that they had used, and the inventive ways they had used them.

Image of a fabric decoupaged chair by 'designs by viva' from their website

Funky telephone by' designs by viva'

Making the most of old towel rails - by 'designs by viva'

Well so far i have managed to perfect the square repeat, after many many attempts i have to say! This design is taken from a Magnolia tree that sits at the bottom of my parents driveway…and just totally inspired me as it had just come out into bloom! I have done this  pattern in lots of different colourways – black and white, purple and pink, and pale pink and white – and have just ordered my first batch of material which will be here soon…very excited!!! Hoping to be making cushions, curtains, and other such things as well as designing for wallpapers as well.

The bath in the image below has nothing to do with me…..and i can’t remember where i found the image now, but it is a beautiful roll top bath thats for sure…..the wallpaper design is called ‘Blue Magnolia’

My wallpaper design - 'Blue Magnolia' - also available in other colourways, soon to be for sale!! :0)


(The blue colour on this image is for some strange reason a lot brighter than the blue in the actual design)

So now i want to learn how to do a ‘half drop’, ‘quarter drop’ and ‘third drop’ repeats, and am posting the youtube video below so that i can keep viewing it until i get it right!!