Whilst I was on the second half of my Masters Degree in Design Practice @GlyndwrUniversity last year I started to research different ways of enabling people to release stress, anxiety and trauma in a non verbal way.

As an Artist I felt my focus was for things to be very hands on, and I ran silent workshops with those that attended being guided to work with clay, Mark making and colour, to connect, express and release emotion. At one point they were asked to close their eyes to enhance this connection between the medium, and their hands.

‘touch was identified as being one of the first sensory responses to develop in humans’ (Montagu, 1971)

Stroking cats and dogs etc is often a great stress reliever, we connect with the life force of the animal (hence why stroking a furry rug is not as effective), it’s breath, it’s emotions, and when we are rewarded with the sound of purring or the wag of a tail this helps to create a great emotional connection between us.

Animals can offer us unconditional love, and we all need a bit of that don’t we? They don’t question us, expect things from us, and are usually incredibly loyal. This can be a true bless g to many, especially those that suffer with anxiety and depression.

So grab a cat (not literally of course) or dog, stroke a neighbours or one in the street if you don’t have one, and feel the power of that connection!!

They were definitely sent to the earth to be our best friends!! ☺ ♥