Yesterday was the start of my Masters Degree course in ‘Design Practice’ and i decided that i needed to start as i meant to go on, and needed to force myself to post at least something every day, to record my journey through this process!

Change is always daunting for me, and to step up from the BA level to MA brought with it its own concerns as i wondered if i would find it easy to fit in with the other students and also be capable to studying at the higher level successfully or not…

My worries were soon alleviated as i saw that i was in a room filled with like minded people who were all focussed and ready to learn (a sharp contrast to the BA days when some students were in the room and on the course as they didn’t know what else to do!!). I knew instantly that i was going to have a rewarding experience with these people, and was also pleased to see that all the disciplines were mixed in the room,so i sat alongside graphic designers and animators as well as illustrators and fine artists – i feel that this will only serve to enhance the learning experience for sure!

We have been given an ‘introductory task’ to do for next week which wil allow us to introduce ourselves to the rest of the group )always something we dread dont we?) and we need to use the medium of a playing card (a minimum of 2) where we adapt the design etc to show something of out personality and background and who we are as an artist and creative.

After doing a little bit of research this morning i came across these images on a site called and i just loved the bold colours and the strong symbols.Some of the cards that i have seen seem to be over illustrated and too detailed for such a small area, but i found these quite appealing.



As i am a Children’s Illustrator by training, and i also love to create a more 3d experience with the work that i do, if possible, i am hoping to create a 3d card, that shows the different layers of my personality and also indicates the way that i work, and what inspires me….wish me luck! It all sounds great in my head, and i can visualise it easily – but making it might be another issue….

Watch this space!! – I will post up photos when its done, and as my aim over the next 2 yrs (the duration of the MA) is to post at least 1 post a day, i hope to be able to keep updating on my progress as an artist and as a creative! 🙂