When i was at the Ideal Home Exhibition in March this year i came across a stand run by a company called ‘Designs by Viva’ (their work can be viewed on their website  (http://www.designsbyviva.co.uk/) and i was really blown away by the impact of their work as they used the brightest, most vivid fabrics ever, and used them to decoupage onto lots of different things – from furniture, to telephones, lampshades – and even T Pots!!! (the lady on the stand told me that they had to use a special heat resitant sealer on the T Pot that allowed the tea pot to be used for hot tea, and not just decoration.

The ‘retro’ telephones were great as well, and it really inspired me to create some fabrics that are really bright and wacky, and then collect some old furniture to cover. Here are some of the examples of fabrics that they had used, and the inventive ways they had used them.

Image of a fabric decoupaged chair by 'designs by viva' from their website

Funky telephone by' designs by viva'

Making the most of old towel rails - by 'designs by viva'