Well so far i have managed to perfect the square repeat, after many many attempts i have to say! This design is taken from a Magnolia tree that sits at the bottom of my parents driveway…and just totally inspired me as it had just come out into bloom! I have done this  pattern in lots of different colourways – black and white, purple and pink, and pale pink and white – and have just ordered my first batch of material which will be here soon…very excited!!! Hoping to be making cushions, curtains, and other such things as well as designing for wallpapers as well.

The bath in the image below has nothing to do with me…..and i can’t remember where i found the image now, but it is a beautiful roll top bath thats for sure…..the wallpaper design is called ‘Blue Magnolia’

My wallpaper design - 'Blue Magnolia' - also available in other colourways, soon to be for sale!! :0)


(The blue colour on this image is for some strange reason a lot brighter than the blue in the actual design)

So now i want to learn how to do a ‘half drop’, ‘quarter drop’ and ‘third drop’ repeats, and am posting the youtube video below so that i can keep viewing it until i get it right!!