I entered the above competition at the Ideal homes exhibition, and went down to London to see who had won, and also to hear Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen speak.


LLB talked to us about wallpaper, which was very interesting. He told us that up until just recently pattern was classed as a bit of a dirty word, and he also joked by saying that unitl about 3 years he was also classed the same as he had been classed as being responsible for the demise of the wallpaper age. His response to this was that wallpaper stopped being fashionable when it stopped being patterned!

LLB said that  using wallpaper  is “an interesting symbol that we are starting to reclaim our homes for ourselves” and that using wallpaper is a key illustration that we are “falling in love with our living rooms again”.By this he means that we make a real commitment when we choose to put up wallpaper, and that we are also making a statement about our personality as well.

LLB said that in the past wallpaper was always connected with being ‘posh’ and was connected with being wealthy. It was about opulence, but now we take it for granted, and we use it to re create that appearance – like our superiors. It is a moment of “design democracy”

He then called up the managing director of WALLPAPERED.COM whose grandfather was one of the original makers of wallpapers (Gilbert Scott) – Robert Hoare, and he came to talk about what his company was now doing with wallpaper design.

WALLPAPERED.COM  is a ‘design community’ that involves designers from all over the world, and allows designers to showcase their designs.The designer is given an online shop so that they can sell their wallpapers and the paper is printed off by demand.There are no set up fees either

Robert also explained how wallpaper design is changing and that it is now possible for you to send them the measurements of a specific wall and they will print the design to fit exactly with it  precut so that it arrives ready to hang, This also allows for ‘themed walls’ which can be of a family photograph etc – there are no limits!


SALLY (sorry but i only remember the surname of a couple of them )–‘Contemporary Victoriana’


LLB Comments – he liked it because he thought it was very commercial, and had romantic colours, he thought it had the potential to be a very successful pattern.

EVE – ‘Poppy the Chicken’



He thought it was a very ‘surreal’ design and thought it would work well on other materials, particularly fabric.




LLB COMMENTS – he thought the design was ‘fascinating, but not a repeat’!!!! I had to say that I totally agreed and wondered how the hell she had got this into the competition when it stated it needed to be a repeat pattern in order to be reproduced as wallpaper – this in my opinion made the whole competition a farse!!




The winner of the ‘Ideal home wallpaper design 2012’ was LOLLIE DUNBAR – who had produced a design that LLB called’ hearts and rabbits’.


LLB said that he like the design as it was a very modern pattern, but also traditional, which made it very contemporary. He said that the design reminded him of the work of Cf voysey, who was an architect but also used images that were very similar in his other work – trees and rabbits etc – however Lollie said her inspiration came from Hollyoaks……

He said that because the image was so clean and graphic it didn’t need to necessarily be printed digitally but could also be reproduced in may other ways.

LLB said that sometimes designs are overwrought and over thought, but not this one!