Although it has been 3 weeks since i went to the ‘Ideal Home Exhibition’ in London, and as of yet have not had any time to blog my amazing experience (will do it next week though before i go back to uni for the final push to the end)…..but in the mean time, i now find i am inspired by so many things, design wise – that i am going to use my blog to collect them for inspiration purposes…

Because i am totally paranoid about copyright and the abuse of such, i will start by saying that i found these images on the ‘’ website, under the heading of ‘India meets China: Homeware with an Asian twist’ – and was totally impressed with the bright and bold designs two of these companies ‘Play Clan’ and ‘Happily Unmarried’ (what a totally amazing name for a company – i am also happily unmarried/divorced, but don’t really feel the need to share that with the world – but if it makes them feel better then what the hell!!!

Here are just a few of the images that i liked….





I am totally in love with the vibrant colours, strong lines and design. There is no attempt to soften and blend, but only to be bold….a bit similar to myself perhaps? :0) – maybe that is why i like it? I have always been a great fan of Matisse and Hockney, loving their strong lines, and the fact they were seemingly fearless when it came to using colour – this i think can be seen in these designs also, although i know that they are also representing their culture as well, and that is a huge influence on the design.

One day i would like to go to India, and also places like Peru, to look at the designs and colours in the local fabrics etc – and many other places where the use of colour is flamboyant and used without restraint!!