As i am now looking at using this technology (in a very rough format i have to say – not Disney standard) i need to research the use of the ‘multiplane’ camera that Disney created. Just watching the video below (from is amazing! I love to see traditional techniques, there is something really special about Disney’s early work.

As i watch this i can see endless options for illustration, although there are many obstacles to be overcome – reflection from the light, the camera, how to light it, how to soften the light etc. One of the tutors has advised me to use either a white sheet or tracing paper around the glass and to form a tent and then to light it from the outside – as i am intending on doing the photography outside i will be using daylight so hopefully this will help.

Other people’s work that i will be looking at are  Clive Whalley, who uses this techniques with paint, and also Edward  Westons Peppers’ who uses white plastic tubes to take the photos in which gives a lovely soft light to the images.

Many more posts to follow!