book cover from 'design week' (image taken from - 6/03/12)

Angus is the editor of ‘design weekly’ which is a publication that reports on big things that are happening in the design industry, including design education.They are at present undergoing a big change as they are going to stop the paper publication of the magazine due to high costs of publication and issues of producing a weekly printed journal, and are changing over into an online version.

Angus is not a designer, he is a journalist by profession, but he deals with designers all the time. He talked about how to break into the design industry saying:-

  •  Market yourself professionally in industry, forging your business mindset – promote yourself professionally and they will treat you professionally.
  • Look at the work of LIZZIE MARY CULLEN who won ‘one year on’ at New Designers.

He used comments made by other agencies and designers to explain what is important when you are trying to promote yourself:-

  • Simon Manchipp (Creative Director for ‘SomeOne’) – ‘ you need to pitch yourself not just your product.Lateral thinking students get work from them, ones that use blogs and tumbler etc, look at how you make yourself appealing’
  • Rhiannon James (D &AD) – runs D &AD academy, it is an online academy, and they nurture talent, and say that over 70% have jobs within 3 months of finishing the course.
  • Greg Quinton (creative partner @ ‘the partners design agency’) – encourages students to get off the internet, and to stop looking at people’s blogs, looking at the same work all the time – as this is causing students to churn out similar work all the time. He recommends collaborating with other colleagues in the same field as this is what creates ideas, and will push you forward.

Angus then showed us  some of the pieces of design work he admired and explained why.

  1. ‘300 hundred million consultancy’ – ‘stop sex trafficking campaign’

–       they turned a terrible crime into a positive message, bright colours, strong symbols etc – and managed to change the law in 17 countries because of the campaign – work was done in conjunction with body shop.

'stop sex trafficking campaign' by 300million, for Body Shop - image taken from - (6/3/12)

2.‘One lap top per child’ – aimed to get laptops to children in developing countries, that were new, cheap, and functional

3.‘Plumen light bulb’ – 1st ‘designer’ energy-saving light bulb, created to counteract the ugly energy saving bulbs that are so often visible and on display

Plumen designer light bulb - image taken from - 6/3/12


4.‘Redesign of the A and E dept by PearsonLloyddesignltd’ – simple signs that explain the waiting time and process of being in A and E which is aimed to counteract the rising rates of violence in emergency depts. In hospitals as patients have to sit and wait without knowing what is going on.

design by 'Pearson Lloyd Design' for A/E dept's - image taken from - 6/3/12‘


5.St Georges Crypt – Leeds – Annual Report – by  B & W studios’ – the aim was to highlight the issues of alcohol, in  a hard-hitting way, created the publication A2 size, same size as a folded blanket – photographs taken by John Angerson.

pages from the annual report for St Georges Crypt, Leeds, created by B and W design agency - image taken from - 6/3/12

6.‘Someone’s new identity for PR company called Resonate’ – £1000 worth of flowers were frozen with liquid nitrogen and blown up and photographed.

'Someone's new identity for PR company Resonate' - image taken from - 6/3/12


7.Magpie studio, developed a new brand for Milton Agency (an agency that represents B list people in Hollywood such as make up artists)– composing 5 Hollywood stars, but the negative space in between mapped out the letter M – showing that these people were the bits in between that supported the stars.

Magpie studios new brand for Milton Agency - image taken from - 6/3/12

8.Sam Grey – originally a student at Plymouth college of arts (now runs the design dept), created a piece called ‘vertigo’, and did it for new designers – it depicts the effect of vertigo – that you feel the world is spinning, so he created something that made you feel it is spinning.
9.Alan Clarke – created Olympic posters whilst at Falmouth uni – tennis, diving, fencing, cycling, sailing – he now works for a group called ‘two now’

Alan Clarke's - Olympic Posters


i have to say that i find these posters to be some of the best design i have ever seen! Simple, but so powerful and effective – always a sign that ‘less is more’, and shows the true power of the line! No wonder he got snapped up by an agency straight away.