One of the speakers we had the pleasure of listening to and also seeing through a live Skype link was FACTs artist in residence Jeremy Bailey, who is very interested in augmented reality software.Jeremy also loves to be tele-present everywhere so you could see that he also really enjoyed the experience of talking to us and showing us his new creation ‘Interaxon’ – a thought controlled computer.

He explained that the technology is about making you more creative, and that the two most important things are 1, comfort, and 2, control – that would allow you to be creative. He demonstrated the capabilities of the ‘Interaxon’ and how he could draw on the digital screen in front of him by using his mind and thoughts to draw. He used his voice and his brain to move it, clenching his jaw to apply a point, then using the tone of his voice to move it from one area to another depending on whether or not he used high or low pitched sounds, It was interesting to see that he would struggle with it if he wasnt truly relaxed, and this must be to do with the tightness of the jaw.He has also built templates into the programme, and into the software, that represented memories linked to emotions.

Jeremy Bailey - 'Interaxon' - thought controlled computer

Jeremy used his skills to outline the shape of a duck, a bit like the ‘dot to dot’ process that children enjoy to do. He was a really fun and entertaining presenter and it was great to see what he could do with his mind,but you really did get the feeling that this was only in its infancy as the process was so slow, and also i did keep wondering if this was already being done somewhere else?

But an enjoyable session with Jeremy!