This is the last of my posts recording the ‘narrative futures’ talks at the symposium at FACT on thursday.All of the presentations were based on the same theme connected with the future of the narrative, This particular skype talk lead on from the presentation by  Helen Bendons  on the ‘Locating Narrative’ project in 2008 where it was possible for the audience to interact with the landscape to create a mediascape experience.

Andy Hunter is the CEO and co founder of ‘Broadcaster’  which is described as :-  ‘an app for iPhone and Android that creates intimate and immersive experiences by unlocking pictures and audio relevant to where you are. It turns your smartphone into a multimedia guide to the world, and everyone can contribute.’ It continues to say:-

‘Go exploring with Broadcastr and you’ll find memories, insights, and enriching information about eclectic and everyday places on every continent on Earth. Take a walk while stories about your surroundings stream automatically to your phone. A celebrity chef whispers in your ear as you stroll past his favorite restaurant; a renowned architect guides you through lower Manhattan; a comedian shares a hilarious personal anecdote at her favorite bar. Your movement through the world becomes your search query. Download the app. Take a walk.’ (taken from

Hunter said that they have a user community of over 20,000, and that you can walk around different areas and learn anecdotes and information about people’s experiences of the areas. He did say that you had to be within 150 feet to be able to access the information. In his talk the example he gave was being able to walk around New York listening to the events of 9 – 11, which to be quite honest i found extremely distasteful, but i am sure that it would be interesting to experience in other formats.

He is also the co founder of ‘Electric Literature’ , and commissions writers to contribute to it. He said that  he used it to promote literature, and wanted to create meaningful experiences using social media, the format being short stories.