Well i suppose i had better post something about ‘my’ work for a change instead of blogging all this academic stuff that is just pickling my head!!

So here are the stages of the book bag we were asked to design for the university. First of all i needed to look at the following:-

– was the bag for males and females, or would  i design 2 different types?

– is the bag design related to a particular department of the university, ie science, art, humanities – or will it appeal to all departments?

– is the design going to have a Welsh theme, with the university being in Wales?

– am i going to use one colour or two? – we were advised to try and just use one, because of cost and time to print them, but if we did use 2 we had to make sure that the colours were placed separately.

– i had to consider the thickness of the line in the design as it was to be printed on hessian and fine lines would not print well at all.

– how much of the logo was i going to incorporate? would it be the first letter ‘g’ or the full title ‘glyndwr’

– i needed to identify the font used in the logo as well to match it up

Ok, so i won’t put in all the different designs i came up with, as the post will just be way too long so i will just show you the final design i decided to choose and develop:-

Here is the first very very rough version of the design i chose. It is a pattern based design using the theme of the book, and focussing on the shapes that are made not just by the books but also by the pages and the edges of the pages as well:-

Initial design

I then inverted the colours which enabled me to see the ‘balance’ of the picture and the areas i need to resolve better :-

The design 'inverted'

I then re drew the design carefully and moved the images around, concentrating on how positive the negative shapes were, and how easy it was to read the image as a whole –

The new layout, ready to be coloured in Photoshop

I coloured the image in Photoshop because the design will be used for a screen print and so the colours need to be as solid as possible, and the best way to achieve this is on Photoshop. The design will then be printed out onto A3 acetate ready for a screen to be made. The next image is of the coloured in design-

The coloured in version, including typography

The font i used was ‘Georgia regular’ as this is the font used for the Glyndwr logo, i decided to use the same font for the words at the bottom as well to give some continuity.I then inverted the design again –

The inverted, coloured in design

On looking at the black and white areas, and knowing that the white areas would actually be transparent areas where the hessian bag would show through, i decided that the image needed a border to frame it properly –

The finished design - with border

And finally here is the finished design shown on the hessian book bag – as intended!!

The finished article!

I learned a lot from this exercise, particularly about composition and layout, and also about the use of positive and negative space. I feel that i played to my strengths – by using a pattern based design, and i feel that inverting the image was really beneficial and i may do that more in the future with other images.