This session was all about ‘Magic Powers’, and the children were happy to see that i had drawn lots of pictures of ‘Brenda the Misunderstood Witch’ from the story i had written and illustrated from the first week, and i was happy to see that they remembered and recognised her and could tell me all about her (this was great feedback for me) I started off  by asking them ‘if you had a magic power what would it be?’, and at the beginning some of the children were struggling to think of what their power would be so we started to talk about situations that might happen in life and what magic power they thought would help them in the situation.

I was really interested, and saddened at the same time to hear that when some of the children talked about being bullied, they said that they wanted to become as small as possible so that they wouldn’t be able to be seen and then they couldn’t be bullied. When i offered an additional suggestion of becoming really really BIG so that they would scare their bullies away they seemed less reluctant to choose this option.It was as if this was way too scary, and that hiding was a better option possibly?

I felt quite honoured that all of the children joined in the discussion and started to talk quite openly about what scared them, and i did think at the time that children are often quite willing to share their feelings as long as they felt accepted and listened to, and i noticed a real change in the atmosphere in the room, as their offloading seemed to have a really calming effect on them all – very interesting!

In this session i wanted to encourage the children to get more involved in story telling, and creating their own adventures and experiences, so initially we did a lot of mind mapping where we talked about  what powers the super heroes may have, where they may live, what might happen to them in the story etc. The children got really involved in the story making and contributing to the discussion.It was really nice to see some of the quieter ones getting involved as well.

busy creating story boards

Suggestion boxes for storys - children picked one from each box

The kids had a great time using the suggestions they had come up with in the discussion and making stories out of them, especially the little boy that ended up with a monster that could grow   tall and whose favourite food was bogies! They created the stories on one piece of A3 paper in the form of a story board.

The second part of the session was spent painting the balloon characters they had been making, Really they could have done with another coat of paper mache, but the kids were so desperate to ‘paint’ i couldnt hold them off any longer! So, to compensate we mixed the acrylic paint with a small amount of PVA glue so it would strengthen up the outer cover a little. Aprons were on…sleeves were rolled up…and a good time was had by all. The kids were so proud to see their characters taking shape!

stripy pink characters!

All ready for decorating!