So this session was to be the last one in a course of six sessions.  I had grown quite fond of the group of children that had attended every week without fail, bringing with them egg boxes and newspapers and lots of enthusiasm and creativity. They had been a joy to be with, and i learned so much about myself as an artist, a teacher, and also as a parent to my own children.

As we didnt have the balloon characters to work on any more i decided that the last session needed to have a ‘theme’, and i wanted to plan lots of activities within it so that it was lots of fun! The theme i chose was that of PIRATES!! as i knew that most children love pirates!

The first thing that we did was to talk about Pirates, and what sort of lives they had, what they ate, and where they lived and what they did etc – then i gave them a basic cardboard cut out of a pirate shape and asked them to use materials and felts etc to decorate them and to create different pirate characters out of it all. At first a couple of the children struggles a little with what the pirates should wear until i reminded them again that there wasn’t a right or a wrong as they were their characters, and they could create whatever they wanted.

The end result was a wonderful array of colourful, sassy, and glamorous pirates as well as some more scary ones! See what you think…

Cardboard cut outs

Pirate hats were compulsory today!!

and a good time was had by all!!

Even boat building was undertaken

Pirates on parade!

Glitzy Pirates!

Of course pirates HAVE to go on a treasure hunt!

Of course you can't look when you are rooting for treasure....

and make sure you get the treasure out of the Pinnate too!!

and a good good time was had by all!!

and special thanks to my little helper!! assistant Ben 🙂