This session was a real learning curve for me as a teacher and a workshop leader .Even though my experience is with adults aged 16+ rather than the age range 5 to 11 i still found that similar issues would arise in the group, particularly connected with classroom management. Each week i would take a maximum of 10 children, it was limited to this number  because of the amount of space they needed in order to create. Sometimes the combination of children would be slightly different and it was interesting to see in this session what happened when a few of the more challenging children attended the group that day. This was only an issue at the beginning and as the session was all about what scares you…the children were soon distracted into talking about scary monsters and things ‘under the bed’!

Trying to reinforce the learning from the previous session i reminded the children that ‘nothing is wrong’ in order to help with their creativity, as i had noticed in the past that some of the children were really scared to not ‘do things right’, so i explained to them once again that this wasn’t possible when it comes to art and being creative, and that really we want to draw and create things that look totally different to what we are used to creating! (i reminded them of the Picasso self portraits – and that seemed to do the trick straight away!)

So the first half of the session was spent creating monster book marks,  where they would create two different monster characters – one with a happy face and one on the other side with a scary face.This would allow them to use the skills they had learned on previous sessions with reference to ‘expressions’

Monster Bookmarks

Very Sassy Monsters!!

The second half of the session (after juice and biscuits) was to carry on working on their paper mache balloon characters, but this time to add features and character! The aim of this was for them to use the designs they had drawn the week before, and to choose one to now use as a character. Some of the children decided to create monsters similar to the ones they had just drawn, some decided to create birds with big wings, and some i wasn’t too sure what they were but it didn’t matter as the children knew and i think they were busy developing a new species!! Good – and sticky sticky fun was had by all!

Sticky stuff!!

Lots of monsters.........