On the second session the theme was connected to ‘different body shapes and sizes’ with the emphasis being on the fact that we all come in different sizes, and that no two people are the same! My aim was to encourage children to talk about theirs and others differences, and to be able to embrace our individuality and uniqueness!

The children looked at how to create characters bodies using basic shapes such as a circle, a rectangle, a square or even a star! They then drew both people and animal characters. I then introduced to them the ‘balloon character’ that we were going to create, and that this would be an ongoing project that they would keep working on each week. The basic shape for the balloon is obvioulsy balloon shaped – so they created 4 characters from the basic balloon shape, with the intentins of choosing one of these characters to develop into the model.

Creating balloon characters!

After some well deserved juice we were ready for the second half of the session – which was the lovely yucky, sticky, gooey paper mache!! Each child has a balloon that was taped and secured into a bowl (so that it didnt roll all over the table) lots of strips of newspaper and a tray of flour/ water/ and salt mixture!

Lots of fun was had by all!!

Sticky sticky sticky paper mache!!

Even i got really sticky!!

A few of the finished balloon bodies, all covered and ready for the features adding next week!

The session went really well, although i did notice that i had to put a lot of effort into encouraging the children to use their imaginations when designing their characters – this got less and less as the sessions went on, but in the beginning their initial reaction would be that they couldn’t do it or couldn’t think of anything. There seemed to be this fear that in some way they were going to get it wrong, and that worried them.After i explained to them that it was impossible to get it wrong as each character is individual and unique they seemed to get more into it – we did however seem to get a lot of similar looking birds at the end of this session!     :-0) This experience with the children is however making me very interested as to what stimulates children’s imaginations, and what factors are impacting on children today – something that i may incorporate into my dissertation later on.

After much cleaning, and great feedback from the kids they went home with their character sheets, due to return the next week for more sticky and gooey fun!