So the final exhibition came for the magazines. The set up was in an old Butchers Market in Wrexham, which as a vegetarian was not the most pleasant of experiences i have to say – but i did seem to get used to the smell of dead flesh by mid morning! yuk…..

The set up of the stand was also assessed as well as the structure and content of the magazine. Ours was an activity magazine for children aged 5 to 8, and as a group we were really quite pleased with it on its completion. The stress of the printing and getting the stand ready was another matter, but i think it was worth it in the end. We also chose an ‘open’ stand that could be seen easily as you entered the market, and allowed us to have room for  a pasting table for children to make craft materials if they wanted to.

We had a few visitors to the stand of different ages, and we used the opportunity to gain feedback about the magazine, especially from the younger audience that we would be targeting. They enjoyed the content and also the boldness of the images and the colours used, so on the whole it was a great success. It was also good to get feedback from the parents who felt that the ‘mission statement’ we set out to achieve was definitely being met by the magazine, and they felt that the issues we were addressing were very important.

I also asked for constructive feedback on how we could make the magazine better, and one gentleman pointed out that it would be good if the magazine was bilingual, to cater for the Welsh speaking students in Wales. This was something that we hadn’t thought about, but when we discussed it we could see that there would be problems with the design making bilingual pages and that the best way to do it would be to have a back to back version, with English one side and Welsh on the other. This would also attract a different pot of funding, which would be good for future development of the magazine.

All in all it was an exhausting but rewarding activity, where the tutors gave us full support to continue to source funding and to make inroads into putting the magazine into production and also using it for our professional practice next year!

The wall layoutlaying out bits and bobs....

The Activity Table - the calm before the storm!!