In we go!!!!

This exhibition is a ‘BUY ART FAIR’…and buy art i did!!!!! i have also been told that i am now classed as a buyer and will get invited to the special preview next year with the champagne and nibbles!! nice ……doubt if i will be buying again, but don’t tell them hey?

The exhibition was full of everything!!!!! from the wonderful sculpture of Dawn Rowland:-

Sculpture by Dawn Rowland FRBS

to street artists such as PURE EVIL (who called himself pure evil as he killed his rabbit as a child and has never forgiven himself – awwww):-

'Heath Ledger' - by Pure Evil

and then also showing works from a fellow Glyndwr student – DAVID BRIGHTMORE – i really love his work because of the energy in the colours and the vibrancy – wonderful to stand and look at!!

'then it was summer' by David Brightmore (