So now we need to think about what we are going to do on the stand, where we are to exhibit our magazine….should all three of us stand and stare at each other for 5 hours, or, as we are a stand for children – should we be more creative and interactive? Yes, i think so……..

So….the aim is to firstly make the stand very child friendly and attractive, and so we have streamers and balloons and things that hang down and things that sparkle and glisten (wait for the post tomorrow that will have a photograph as it’s a little difficult to explain) as well as lots of colouring in pages and crayons, plasticine, and also making some of the characters from the magazine – Clarence the crab, Samuel the snail and Cecil the dude……as well as Milly the mouse.There will also be opportunities for kids to make other things, or just to be creative and expressive – with guidance of course – and to just enjoy!!!

These are some of the shell characters i made that the children can have a go at making:-

Cecil the dude, Clarence the crab and Samuel the snail

On looking at things to create with pine cones (as  i have a huge supply for some reason) i was disappointed to see that a lot of sites that supposedly offer suggestions for kids crafts often ask you to do really complicated tasks or to use materials that are not easy to come by or cost a lot of money – either way they don’t make it easy for a child of 5 to 8 – so instead i have created a simple mouse that can be hung from the door handle, or could be a Christmas tree decoration etc.Plus we have to bear in mind that we can’t be making any mess at the exhibition, or getting children messy that come to the stand as i don’t think we would be very popular!!

Here is Milly the mouse :-

Milly the mouse

Milly the decoration!

Milly is Laura’s character in the magazine and by encouraging the children to create Milly’s and also Cecil, Clarence and Samuel it gives them more of a connection to the magazine and also the character helps to convey the healthy lifestyles message that the magazine is trying to convey!