Yes i know – better late than never…have been meaning to blog about the Biennial in Liverpool for the last 6 months and  have never got around to it unfortunately, but here goes!!

The Biennial was both amazing and exhausting at the same time, there was so much to see, and so much of it opened my eyes to what ART is all about! The first person to do this for me was when i looked at Anthony Gormleys work in the first year, but my personal journey continued as i looked at the many many varied forms of art that filled the streets of Liverpool, it is definitely an experience NOT to be missed and i look forward to going back again this year!

Because there was so much to see and take in i am going to now post a few of the photos of ‘artwork’  that really caught my attention, and these are to show the varied medium art can be delivered in….

The word as art - photographs in shop windows

Using the body as a tool for art