I went into the Walker Gallery whilst i was at the Biennial and really enjoyed it.One of my most favourite pieces was a photo realistic painting in oils by Nicolas Middleton, called ‘Protest, 1st April 2009’ where he took an original scene, painted it with the most incredible precision, and yet changed some of what was depicted, which was very clever and extremely effective!

Nicholas Middleton's 'Protest' in oils

It’s no wonder that he was one of the prize winners is it really? I was also very much taken with the guest exhibitors /prize winners work from Shanghai University’s fine art college.They had over 1100 entries to their competition that was advertised in Shanghai.

I loved the piece called ‘where are we from?where will we go? ‘ by Li Zhouwei, which is created on delicate rice paper, using pale monochrome washes and depicts a long line of people in a queue, and above and below is a large mass of plain white rice paper – wonderful! I also like the more comical ‘excrement factory’ by ‘Zou Tao’ which depicts a photo realistic painting of the inside of a factory and the machinery, that churns out excrement as a product – the link here is in the comparison of the machine to the human body, and that they are constantly working machines, and that no mater how we evolve there is always something ugly and unpleasant just like excrement!