Although i did  a quick blog on the Pittenweem art festival it was impossible to cover everything that i saw as i went to over 70 exhibitions! However there were a few things that stood out to me – the weaving in the dovecot studios:-

The photography by David Graham:- This photograph is hung in the National Portrait Gallery

one of David Grahams amazing photographs - homeless collection

and also the work that really stuck in my mind was by an artist called Derek Collins who created paintings using the ASHES of a dead relative!!! He then uses resins, powders, pigments and textures and then adds the ashes of your relative to the mix – he classes them as ‘uniquely spectacular’ and yes they definitely are unique, i do have to say there is a very ‘odd’ smell when you are around the paintings that is a little unnerving, but it is each to their own and if it brings comfort to someone then that’s all good.Personally i would not like one of my parents melted into a painting and hung on my wall forever – what happens when you die as well, does it go to the tip or does it have to be kept forever?? now there’s a thought….

One of Derek Collins creations selling for £85, i presume this one is minus the dead body??