The man himself - Andy Gardener!

If you have ever watched ‘Hale and Pace’ from years gone by, and remember them doing ‘The Management’ – then you will know where i am coming from with this guy – as he stood and talked (or should i say bellowed like a seargent major, and left me wishing i had brought some wax ear plugs with me) i kept expecting him to rock forwards and rise up on his toes as he would say ‘we is the management….’ – sooooooo funny!

Actually it was quite a rewarding experience, although i have been in business for over 2o years it was good to clarify a few points that i wasn’t too sure about, and also gain some more info for the future.Plus of course the figures, and boundaries change all the time when it comes to tax and the inland revenue (of which i quickly realised they dont like to be called that anymore :0)) and it is good to keep updated to make sure that you are on the right track!

Personally the HMRC tend to scare the life out of me because of horror stories i have heard in the past.NOT that id o anything wrong of course, but you have this feeling that if they checked up on you they would make sure they FOUND something that they thought was amiss and you hadn’t realised….ooooooh scary stuff! But he was a great guy, very charismatic, very informative and very obliging – so all in all it was worth attending. Plus he did give us information on all the workshops they run in the area where you can go and learn about different aspects of Tax and the Law (i bet that makes for a really interesting day!)