I came across the work of Emily and then also heard on the grapevine that her work is in great demand at the moment.You can easily see why her work is wonderful for the very young child and for board books because of the simplicity of the image and the bold primary colours that she uses as well. The pictures are also not overcomplicated, it is easy for the young child to focus on the image that is important – especially if the book is a counting book.

She trained in illustration at Brighton College of Art, and completed her first book whilst on the course and published it after graduation.She has illustrated over 100 books for children by many different authors including George Adams and Francesca Simon. She still lives and works in Brighton.

“She has worked with publishers such as Penguin, Campbell Books, Orchard Books and Orion amongst many others. Emily is best known for her lively and colourful depictions of animals in pre-school and novelty formats. She illustrated the best selling first series of Buggy Buddies which has recently been re-issued in a tenth anniversary edition. Emily continues to live and work in Brighton where she shares her studio with other artists and illustrators.

Emily is represented by The Bright Agency.”Information taken from the website :-