On thursday 10th feb we had a lecture from a Welsh mosaic artist called Trisha Jones. Trisha gave us a brief overview of how she transformed her life from being a mother of 5 boys, to running her own business as a mosaic artist where she now exhibits her work in London galleries and seems to be constantly employed by local councils that are sending her into schools to run mosaic projects with the children. Trisha attempted to pass over to us her incredible self motivation and determination and managed to do it very effectively.She spoke about the benefits of self employment – as in freedom and versatility, but then at the same time she talked about the pitfalls, with reference to the fact that there is no security of sickness and holiday pay, and also no one guaranteeing your income.As a self employed person myself i am well aware of this issue, but feel it is a small price to pay compared to the freedom and independence you get from being self-employed. I do though believe that not everyone is meant to be self-employed, some people can self motivate and some people can’t – that’s just the way life is hey?

During the day the subject of employment was brought up, as it has been in the media recently that there are more apprenticeships being given out now compared to jobs being given to graduates.The message being put across was to make sure we can freelance when we finish the course!

Going back to Trisha – she has indeed freelanced herself in lots of different ways, she has run after school club workshops teaching to kids and also groups in libraries.She now say that she spends her time going into schools and shows pupils how to make ‘something beautiful out of rubbish’


Trisha talked of how difficult it was at times to juggle her family with her work, but then she also commented on the skills she learned by being a mother – such as timekeeping, financial management, team work, negotiation and persuasion, managing resources and decisions.She also now has to manage risks when going into schools and does risk assessments.Her insurance policy dictates the parameters that she has to work in.She has worked with Flintshire, Angelsey and Denbigh councils.She works her charges out on £150 a day and has also done artist in residency schemes which she said were very beneficial.She also charges for preparatory work she does at home (£25 per hr)


She has work that can be seen at Breakwater Park in Holyhead, Plas Newydd and many other places.Her website is http://www.classicalmosaic.co.uk

Trisha still visits places like italy where she studies the byzantine method of mosaic to enhance her work, particularly Rovena in Italy, which is classed as the home of mosaic.She explained the differences in the byzantine style, and also showed us many examples of her work and took us through the process she used to make it.



The Green Man

Breakwater Hall project

Breakwater Hall project