This is the book jacket that we were asked to re design.Personally i have to say that i am not keen at all with this images, i find it very basic and uninteresting, with a distinct lack of expression and movement. I do think that the cover has already been redesigned as there is a marked difference between the quality of the illustrations inside the book and this image.I do quite like the black and white illustrations inside, but  this  jacket would certainly not encourage me to pick the book up.I also feel that the background colour drowns out the image we are supposed to be focussing on….and also there is only a small reference to the crisps and not much reference to the story –

so i will see if i can do any better….


This is where i am up to so far…however this is a ‘rough’ colouring, there is more work to do on layout and the child image before it is complete, but it gives a rough idea of the finished piece.


The first 'rough'