Sean Curley came to speak to us at Glyndwr University about his work and his passion of sculpture. It is hard to describe how impressed i was by this unassuming and modest man.Incredibly talented, inspired, passionate and gifted, this man studied a foundation course in art and then left to pursue his interests of sculpture without pursuing any further training. He seems to have this amazing visual ability to instantly ‘see’ what it is he is wanting to create. One of his first projects as a young man of only 2o was to work alongside other more established artists in building a structure in a disused quarry. His tremendous dedication led him to live in the quarry for 6 months whilst building the structure, he felt that this helped him to really connect with the project and to gain true inspiration.


Eisteddfod 2005 – The ArtStructure on the Maes
artist(s): Sean Curley and Helen Jones
location Bangor



sculptures on the brickfield pond sculpture trail in rhyl


Curley said when asked about his skills ” i am a designer, i have a core theme that runs through everything – it’s just the opportunity that changes’ – and he has proved this as he has created sculptures, worked with blacksmiths, created fences, chairs, structures, play areas, sensory gardens, and even designed costumes for theatres and been involved in theatre design.

Qu – ” Have you ever explored taking your designs into mass production?

Ans – all my works are ‘one offs’ , i am not looking at reproducing anything.

Qu – Are you a craftsman rather than a designer then?

Ans – “I can’t do one without the other – i make because i design and i design because i make”……..(excellent quot!)

Qu – Do you use project managers all the time?

Ans -“Originally the council would provide their own project managers, but due to funding changes it has all changed and now i have to project manage myself.”

Qu -‘Do you apply for funding or is it in place already?”

Ans – “It is usually in place already”

One of the things that impressed me the most about him was the lengths he would go to in order to perfect his trade and skill, the fact that he lived in a quarry for 6 months and then also spent 4 months working alongside a blacksmith learning his craft as well.He also creates all the structures and sculptures himself rather than passing the work onto others.He sees design in everything as says he is ‘constantly drawing’ as he says that this is what allows him to think.He has worked with a lot of the councils creating things for kids with learning difficulties, and seems to be busy a lot of the time and yet has no website! It is all by recommendation!!

curley doesn’t limit himself in any way, and doesnt seem to see things like costume design as diversification but that it comes under the heading od design.His view was clearly expressed when he said..

” It’s a creative industry – I’m a designer – i want the opportunity to design!”