The new group work brief is for us to work in small groups to create a magazine, as we are all children’s illustrators we decided to create a magazine for children.We agreed to target the age range 5 – 8 as statistics state that over 40% of children of that age read magazines and comics for fun! We decided that the magazine should be unisex . Initially we needed to decide on a USP in order to be different to the rest that are out there.We decided that the magazine needed to be fun and entertainig, pitched at the right level, but taking some serious issues and communicating them to the children in a fun way.

We have decided that we need to perform market reserarch on our target audience to ascertain their reading habits and likes and dislikes, as well as researching the process of magazine production, including costing and marketing. We are aware of the fact that all 4 of us have totally differnt styles and so have talked about ways of conecting the different sections of the magazine.

Areas we have discussed are healthy eating, recycling, exercise and healthy bodies – and delivering these topics using stories, fun activities, stickers, jokes and pranks and puzzles and lots of ‘rainy day’ activities that appeal to both boys and girls.

Part of our research is to look at both British and European markets and the differences in the products.

Adventure Box Magazine

for 8 to 13 year olds

magazine for the very young ones - under 5'd

bbc magazine

Themed magazines

Educational magazine, ages 7 to 10

Okido - contemporary magazine - aged 2 - 10