"It was necessary to find someone who looked really bored....."

"Even jigsaws were really boring"

" luckily he had a spare cloak of invisibility!"

"The more the gossip spread...the bigger he grew!!"


I have always been very reluctant to use digital media, because of its complexity – and my distinct lack of knowledge, but at the same time i felt that my work could benefit from some of the options digital media can offer. I haven’t wanted to replace traditional media with digital,  rather that i would like to be able to use it as if i was holding a paintbrush. I haven’t always liked images that have been created on the computer because of their general ‘flatness’ , and much prefered the more emotive traditional mediums such as watercolour and gouache. However i do have to say that as i have learned more about working digitally, i have been able to appreciate its benefits more.

I think one of the main benefits is being able to work ‘in layers’ and the benefits this can bring when your work is being viewed by a publisher or art director and they want you to make changes – these changes are so much easier to make if it is just by the clicking of a button, where as with traditional it really does entail starting again from scratch which is much more time-consuming!


on the whole i think both techniques have their advantages and disadvantages!