This week we have been asked to design a book jacket for this incredible book – something we have not done before, but i am really excited about.I love dragons and monsters so i think this brief will be right up my street, but first i need to do loads and loads of research on dragons and such like.I also need to look at the top-selling books and what other illustrators and publishers are putting out as jacket design in today’s market.

The outside of the book is the most important illustration of the whole book as it is what catches the reader’s eye immediately upon seeing it, that and also the title and the information on the back of the book –  get it right and you will get big sales, get it wrong and…….. etc. The prospective reader does not usually stand  in the book store reading the book to see if its ok, but makes their mind up in seconds as to whether or not to buy.The book jacket design tempts the reader to look within the pages.

So i must make sure i get it right…on with the research!!! Below is an exert from the animation – ‘How to Train Your Dragon’, showing a variety of amazing dragons for ideas!!