Ok, so as i head towards the start of my second year at Glyndwr i am wondering where the time has gone, and trying to assess what i may have learned during that time!

The brief we were given over the summer period consisted of just one word…’flying’ At first this seemed wonderful that we had been given so much freedom, with no restrictions, but then as the weeks have gone by, and the brief has got put  hold again and again because of work commitments….i am started to miss having just a few tincy wincy guidelines to save me from going totally off track as usual!!

I started by mind mapping the word flying.I asked myself the following question, and discovered the following answers:-

  • Who does it? – Birds, insects, People (with help), machines, witches and magical creatures, time flies, mythological creatures..and of course..Santa’s reindeer!
  • Why fly? – To enjoy it? to get food, to get there more quickly, to reach a magic kingdom perhaps, to escape..
  • What flies? – anything can be made to fly by magic! hangliders, gliders, trapeze artists
  • I also looked at the process of flying, learning to fly, and machines that fly.

After the mind maps i found myself very interested in being able to fly because of magic, and also what stops you from flying.

I looked at how bees learn to fly

Learning to fly like a Bee!!

I looked at those that want to fly and those that don’t – but have to….

Want to..and don't want to fly!

and i then started to look at people who may use the skill of flying to do bad things, and came up with Brenda -who was a very very bad witch, and thought she could become a good person by gobbling up all the stars in the sky as they shone so brightly as they were filled with goodness……..(you will have to wait for the rest of the story i’m afraid)

You can't get good by eating stars!!

Then for some reason i started to think about ghosts, and the fact that so many people are afraid of them, and how it may just be like spiders…in that the spiders are more scared of us! What if humans were really scary to ghosts?

Humans are scary!

Then i decided that there could be lots of ‘made up’ creatures that could fly – such as the Lird..the lion who is crossed with a bird…this was one of the first collages i have ever done, and although time consuming i enjoyed every minute of it!

The Lird