Went to Pittenweems art festival (Fife/Scotland) for a few days in August this year, and had an amazing time! This festival has been running for a few years now, and comprises of somewhere in the region of 100 different art exhibitions held in private houses, churches,garages, and even gazebos in  and around the centre of this small harbour village called Pittenweem.Because of the fact that the exhibitors have to pay an exhibiting fee of £250 per artist it guarantees that the standard of the work is very high (although there are a few naughty people who try to capture the attention of the passing crowds by exhibiting their work without paying the fee, and doing it officially – tut tut!)

I took my youngest son with me, and through the four days that we were up there we managed to go and see over 70 exhibitions, so i think we did pretty well to be honest, and we loved them all as they all had something different to say.One of the ‘invited artists’ was a Japanese artist called Kaneyuki Shimoosako, and he created an installation down at the harbour in Pittenweem called ‘Nature cycle’.This piece of work was initially inspired by the structure of atoms, but the he looked deeper into the structures of the natural world etc.

Pittenweem is a beautiful little village, where the houses themselves have their own personality and character.Many of the artists have tried to capture the essence of the village, but in my opinion none of them manage it as effectively as an illustrator called Jennifer Thompson, whose work i just adored, because of the boldness and simplicity of her work.She doesn’t advertise herself as a children’s illustrator, but it seems very apparent that her work must appeal to children.The only thing that surprised me about her work was her inability to draw faces, however this didn’t seem important as the eye was drawn to so many other parts of the painting instead.

Unfortunately i cannot copy any of the images to put on here (can’t blame her can you really?) so here is the website os you can have a look – click on the drop down box for exhibitions – click on Pittenweem Arts Festival, and there you will see some of my favourites!!


This is one of the many pictures i took of Pittenweem, that shows just how endearing the little houses and streets are!