As i continue to work on my autobiographical book that i started a few years ago i am now toying with the idea of incorporating images and illustrations, as i now face the daunting task of  adding in the early years of my life – and find myself struggling to find the right words to say. I also think that as i am now training in illustration it may be a good way of bringing it all toagther.

I feel so passionate about the fact that someone needs to speak up for the silent child, the child that has no voice, no opinion, and no rights the child that lives a secret life of suffering ,neglect and abuse, and the child that is so desperate to be listened to – if only they could find their true voice.

These are very very rough…but it is at least a starting place in the journey of silent people like myself finding their voice.

I would really appreciate peoples feedback on the emotional impact of the images, and whether or not they convey the types of message i am trying to put across.