Well it’s nearly that time again for Woodfest, the amazing event that features wood carvers, wood sculptors, artists, lumberjacks – basically anyone who does anything with wood!! June 4th – 6th in St Asaph, North Wales.

When i was at the big weekend i  had a Reflexology client who not only told me he was a sculptor, and agreed to doing a trade with me providing Reflexology treatments in exchange for him teaching me to sculpt wood – but also that he knew Simon O’Rourke, who had done the same course as me at Glyndwr (childrens illustration) and has now ended up being a very successful wood carver! I found this amazing, there must have been 20 -30,000 people there at the event that day, but the fact that the universal request i had sent up a couple of weeks earlier about wanting to find someone to teach me wood sculpture was now answered so completely, where no money would change hands was truly amazing!!!! I have always believed in cosmic ordering, but even more so now!!

Simon O’Rourke does a lot of commissioned work which you can see on his website http://www.treecarving.co.uk, an example of one of them being below:-

Simon creating one of his wood sculptures