The calm before the storm - we wait for the crowds!

A couple of months ago i was asked by the BBC if i would attend the R1BW in Bangor in May and be part of the

BBC Headroom experience, providing on site massage and Reflexology, i obviously jumped at the chance as so many people wouldn’t be able to attend due to the lack of tickets and it was an experience NOT to be missed!!!

26 massages later (in 2 days) my hands and wrists are sooooo sore that i wont be typing too long tonight, but i have to say it was worth every ache and pain as the people who i met, the experiences that i had were so surreal, it was like being thrown straight into an alien world – but a good alien world,and i think it will take me a few days to process everything that happened.

I didn’t realise until i got there that we were to be massaging on the grassed area at the entrance to the small Headroom tent, which housed the show ‘The Surgery’ presented by little Aled (what a total sweetie he was – i did tell him that he should clone himself as everyone should have an Aled) and so as we were working for the BBC we had access to all the production areas where all the famous people went for a drink or a rest (or came zooming up on those speedy little buggies along with their entourage and security, and then slipped in the back of the tent) but i often found myself standing next to someone pretty famous or chatting to them in the kitchen etc – it was just a very strange experience!

The Headroom/Surgery Tent - before the site opened to the public

I must admit to not being too sure who everyone was, but i do remember Scouting for Girls, Biffy Cliro,Lost prophets, Kids in Glass houses, Pixie Lox (is that right?) who very kindly gave me an autograph for my little boy, Fearne Britton, Reggie Yates who came and interviewed us, Vernon Kay who came for a massage, Jo Whiley (who seemed really lovely and down to earth, Meet me at six (not sure if that’s right…but sounded like that) Jo McCeldry, Chipmunk,and i’m sure there were more that came in but at the moment i cant remember..i will put some photos on later and try to remember who they were.

Scouting for girls,,,,yummy!!

i think that this one was Lost Prophets but can remember, will ask my teenager later..

Getting ready for the Guitar workshops with the different bands, in the Surgery tent

no rude comments about the size of the boobs please!!! lol