Martin, Steve and Paul

Today was a happy and sad day.Happy as all four of us, Martin, Steve, Paul and i all met for lunch to celebrate passing our first year at uni, but sad as we said goodbye to Paul who will now be finishing off his degree in illustration at Stockport College in Manchester (due to family responsibilities).

All three of these guys have helped to make my first year at Uni a really great one, Steve the guy with the great sense of humour who so can so easily have a good laugh at himself, and laughs with others – i thank him for keeping me laughing this year (well most of the year anyway – when we weren’t doing a big stress about assignment deadlines). Martin, the laid back relaxed one who manages to calm everyone down so easily, and lets most things fly over his head, and Paul the guy who has helped all three of us so much this year, as we struggled to get through the digital stuff that initially threw us into waves of panic!

So, just to say to all three of them, that i so often refer to as ‘me boys’ a big thank you for supporting and helping me, sitting and listen to me prattling on and on about what most of the time must have seemed to them to be womanly rubbish, and never letting on that that was the case, or they were even the slightest bit bored!!!

So good luck Paul, knock em dead, and show them how good you are!!! We will all miss you…and now poor Martin is going to have to take over the job of teaching me and Steve…poor guy!! :0)