We were asked to produce in groups an animation, using the smudge and click technique. The theme was to incorporate the seasons and also enviroments.We decided to do a short story on a fish that  jumps out of the fish bowl, aiming for freedom but instead jumps straight into the cat’s mouth – who is waiting outside underneath the window!

I have just looked on you tube at some other students videos and now wish i had looked at them BEFORE we did ours and not after!!!…never mind i think that we did a good job, considering we all hated animation,,,but it is a necessary evil!

The first section is the fish jumping out of the plastic bag into the bowl, and this was done by Becka. The second section was Lauras, where the fish has a great time spinning round the bowl until he jumps out and ands on the window.Laura and i decided that in order to link her scene and mine it ould be a good idea at that point to change her tissue paper fish for my glittery fish, in order to help with continuity,a nd this worked well. I did the thrid section where the view is through the window, the fish lies on the windowsill bathed in sunlight, the dark clouds start to roll in and the landscape changes, and darkens.As the dark rain clouds move over the rain (tinfoil drops – millions of them) start to fall down, in a stream of water, and then flush the fish up off the windowsill  and spin him round in circles.

I made quite a few of the fish images, in different poses in order to change them as he spins round, and to give more movement.I think that this worked quite well as you can see the fins moving as he moves.The rain drops needed to be moved individually with every click in order to show movement, and i think my section was just short of 300 clicks (about 11 seconds).

Hayleys section was the last one where the image of the cat, and it features were all created individually out of cardboard, and Hayley carefully moved each little piece with each click. I think this was a nice contrast to the painted one that i created, and also lots of fun!

Although the process was hard work, and also group work can be difficult at the best of times, i think the finished film was good, and i also think that we did well to get all of the sections blending together so well.

So well done everybody – and here it is! –