Today i went into the old dark room at Uni and with the help of a broom, a cloth, and some sticky tape – converted one end of the dark room into a small Gallery…

This enabled me to display the posters in the way i would like them to be viewed. The display is meant to be interactive, where they can be read, and touched at the same time.The posters include those written in Braille and also created from textured Fur Fabric.The photographic image is not meant to detail the content, rather to show the context that the posters are shown in, and how important it is that things are displayed in an inclusive manner, and accessible to all.

The posters were placed at a height where they could be accessed and touched by wheelchair users as well as able-bodied. The Wheelchair has been put into the photo to show the height of the posters and also to acknowledge that the aim of this project was to bring the issue of disability into peoples consciences, not to hide the wheelchair at the side, with a token reference to it – but to put it slap bang in the middle of the photo – which to me represents the position disabled people deserve to occupy in society!