Two quick colour quiz’s….. do them quickly, and be honest…..

quick quiz 1

and now the second one…

Quick Quiz 2

Did your choice change at all? The interesting thing is  – what information do you use to make a decision? If a man is asked if he likes pink the chances are that he may say no as society tends to say that pink is for girls and blue is for boys etc (a bit outdated i know, but it does still exist), and yet the second one, as the colours are on faces, might lead people to think that they were choosing a race rather than a colour – and this may alter the outcome?

Would be interesting to know though.In the same way do we judge how good a piece of art is by who has created it? Have some of our more famous Artists gained such recognition that they could produce anything and it would be classed as great art? Someone, somewhere (can’t remember who – and it certainly wasnt me) said that Anthony Gormley could ********** on a tissue and it would get into an exhibition (personally i think that is a disgraceful comment about one of my favourite artists, but it is a little funny).

Whether or not things are Art, isn’t always the factor that gets work shown, and certainly isn’t what determines how much it will sell for!