It always puzzles me as to what we class as Art and what we don’t. I must admit the boundaries i had so tightly set before i started at Uni have definitely moved somewhat, and i am much more open-minded as to what is caught up under the heading of ART.

The definition of Art is hard to define, but i have seen it said that it is ‘The product of human creativity’ – wow! so that leaves a huge ball park to fill then……

Look at the images below and see if you get as puzzled as i do about what we class as Art –

Snow Sheep - painting by Anne Farmer

Here we have a beautiful watercolour painting of a sheep, by Anne Farmer (thought the name was a little apt too!) i presume that we would all agree that this is art?

Now here we have Damien Hurst’s  piece called ‘away from the flock'(1994) where a lamb is preserved in Formaldehyde, and displayed in a glass box. Now is this Art – or has it something to do with the amount of fame the creator has?

And now we have a sheep casually walking across a field…does this now become Art? or does she need to be stuffed and put in a box?

Interesting question i think….which will bring me to my next post which will be on how Art is displayed and presented in Art Galleries, and whether they are being inclusive to all…