I became interested in Colour Therapy a few years ago, whilst working as a Teacher and Holistic Therapist. It all started as i observed my red haired son become more irritable and moody whenever he wore a bright red T shirt, and wanted to know why this was. I also didn’t understand why he suddenly started sleeping very badly after i had moved him into his newly decorated bedroom that i had painted in lovely shades of yellow and blue. I wanted to know why this was happening, and decided to investigate more.

The interesting thing about Colour Therapy is that we all use it already, but aren’t always aware of doing it. Most of us are aware of feeling better when bathed in bright yellow sunlight, or feeling more solemn on a grey day, but are we aware that this is a direct influence of the vibration of the colour itself and the way the eye absorbs it?

Colour theory itself is quite a complex subject, and to understand the significance of colour therapy it is essential that we understand the complexities of the multidimensional physical – etheric anatomy of the human body, as well as the range of light and vibration within the spectrum.

It is important also to understand that the body itself is composed of millions (if not billions) of vibrating atoms, a lot of us will have studied the make up of the atom in Science lessons, and will also have heard of the energy that was released when the atom was split and Nuclear energy was discovered, well we are in fact, as humans, a collection of energies, all vibrating at different frequencies.

How often do you walk into a room and ‘sense’ something uncomfortable, how many of us have sat next to someone and sensed they are getting angry without them even saying anything? As a Holistic Therapist i am extremely aware, and sensitive to others energies because of my job, but all of us in our own way are aware of energy at some level.

“Colour Therapy is the use of the vibrational frequency of the spectrum to correct the imbalance or disharmony in the human body” 

Although Colour Therapy is a huge subject, and i certainly don’t claim to know all that there is to know about it, i will endeavour to give you a little insight into the power of colour.

Take a look at the colour boxes below (click on the blue link) :-

  1. Which colour are your eyes drawn to first? – make a note
  2. Which colour do you not like look ing at?

DON’T choose a colour that is your favorite colour, or the colour of your best top – try to lose any attachment to the colour and go solely off your instincts.

colour boxes

  1. Now look at the colours again – get as close as is comfortable to the screen, and one by one, spend at least 3 minutes staring straight at the colour, without looking away.
  2. Allow your eyes to absorb the colour.
  3. When you feel a change in either your body (may be temperature or sensation) your mind (may remind you of something, or some random thought come into your mind) or your emotions ( you may suddenly feel anxious, or excited etc) – then look away, and make a note of what you experienced.

PLEASE NOTE – not every colour will have an effect, some you will find will be quite neutral, some you will find you cannot look at for the full 3 minutes

I have only put a small sample of colours on, to make it even more effective – print the sheet out and take the sheet over to the window where you can get more natural light on them. I do this test with coloured silks in workshops, and students are always amazed at the results.

In brief, each of the colours we see, either in our environment, in our homes, in our clothing etc, is absorbed into the energetic make up of the body, either through the eyes, or directly affecting the electromagnetic field around the body (that we call the aura), that is why Colour Therapy can also affect the visually impaired.

Many tests have been done monitoring the effect of coloured light on blood pressure, and it was found that people placed in a room with a red light would experience a rise in blood pressure, where as people who sat in a room with a blue light would notice i lowering of blood pressure. Colour Therapy has also been utilised in Neo Natal Baby Units where premature babies have been wrapped in blankets of bright red and orange because of their stimulating effect on the physical body, and to help the tiny babies thrive.

I myself had quite an amazing experience with Colour Therapy when i was in Hospital in 2005. I had been taken in with a perforated Appendix, and it was very serious. I was told that when they opened me up my body was full of Gangrene, they sprayed the inside of the abdominal cavity with Antibiotics, but were unsuccessful at killing all the bacteria, so i ended up with an abscess which i was told could at any time turn to Septicemia! I had been in Hospital for 16 days on intravenous Antibiotics, and they were monitoring my temperature every two hours (even through the night). The sign that i was still full of infection was the fact that my temperature refused to fall, and the Consultant would come every day to tell me if i didn’t get my temperature down i would have to go back to Theatre, but this time the operation would be even bigger. I couldn’t face the thought of that, and at the same time was totally bemused at the thought that somehow this was my fault? and that i had some sort of control over my temperature? But on looking back maybe this was what he needed to tell me, as a Holistic Therapist there just HAD to be something i could do!

I had been teaching Colour Therapy for a short while, and the day before going into hospital i had gone around all the Asian shops and bought lots of coloured silks. I asked my friend (who came every night without fail) to bring me the blue, and violet coloured silk in the next day.I knew that the blue was supposed to lower temperature, and the violet was supposed to stimulate the white blood count in the body.I use the word ‘supposed’ deliberately as although i taught the subject i am sometimes not always convinced until i ‘see’ it work (always a bit of a doubting Thomas)

On the day that she brought the silks in i had been up to my usual tricks….. i was so desperate to get home and be with my boys that i would take one of the many fans that was around my bed blowing cold air on to me, and would turn it so tha it blew in my ear, hoping that when they took my temperature with the ear thermometer it would have finally gone down and then i could go home.Alas they always sussed it out, and would usually take it from the other side. She took my temperature and shook her head and said ‘sorry, but it’s still not gone down’ and walked off, and hour later my friend turned up with the silks.

I took the blue silk (that was over 6 foot in length) and shoved it up my nightdress, and with the help of my friend i covered my body from neck to toe with this bright blue silk. I knew it was best if it was touching the skin, and the texture of the cloth felt comforting. I carried on talking to my friend. Just before she went home the nurse came back and said she would take my temperature again.She did,and stepped back in disbelief as for the first time in 16 days my temperature had gone down! ‘Oh my God’ she said ‘i can’t believe it, it’s finally gone down…and whats that blue cloth that you have there?’she said, pointing to the silk.

I spent the next few hours telling nurse after nurse as the word got around about the Colour Therapy, and they all wanted to know more about how it worked. I continued to use both the blue and Violet silks, and was at home within 24 hours!!

Because of this experience i decided to research more into the effects of colour, and it applications in society, and started a journey that i will not continue through my Art as well as my Therapies.

Hope you enjoyed that long ,long blog?