“Paul Catheral is a London-based printmaker and illustrator. From the late 1990s he has worked predominantly in linocuts. His prints beautifully reconstructed urban landscapes and architectural details. They build up seemingly abstract blocks of colour into perfectly balanced compositions, which unite as one representational whole. Cezanne and Sickert have been a recurrent influence on his use of colour and construction of form. He also greatly admires the progressive commercial designers of the 1920s and 1930s, particularly Edward Mcknight Kauffer and Tom Purvis. His work has featured on posters and book covers for British Airways, Marks & Spencer, Bloomsbury and Harper Collins.” ( www.pallantbookshop.com/…/paul_catherall)

The print shown above was ” created to celebrate the opening of the new Pallant House Gallery in 2006, Catherall decided to focus on where the two buildings meet, surely the biggest challenge of the project, with a print that could be interpreted as an abstract design. Perhaps appropriately for a print of a building that has been the subject of intense discussion and dispute, the previous buildings Catherall has focussed on have themselves been subject to a split in opinion: the Southbank, the Trellick Tower and the ‘Gherkin’ have all divided opinion and no doubt will continue to do so. If anything, Catherall’s prints are an advocation of bold contemporary design, remembering that even St Paul’s Cathedral was contemporary once.” ( www.pallantbookshop.com/…/paul_catherall)

I really like the boldness of his images, and the strength of the design. He is very much known for the cleaness of his line, and his sharp linocuts of architectural landmarks. as well as illustrations for high-profile clients. Each limited edition print is created using high quality oil based inks and acid free paper, and produced entirely by hand. right through from the initial design, through to the carving, inking and editioning! On top of that, I’ve seen his picture and he is really cute!! ( sorry …a tad unprofessional i know!! :0) )