Oh my God!!!! What a nightmare this was!! As a total technophobe who had previous to September never even heard of Photoshop or Illustrator, the thought of this brief literally put the fear of God into me.

We were told to scan in a black and white image we had created, and to improve it by using illustrator, then to take it into Photoshop to invert it.I am sure that this is like a walk in the park for most people, but to me it was like the instructions were in Japanese, and i instantly panicked! It was only by sheer determination that i had been able to do the last brief where we had to collage textures onto a self-portrait, but this just seemed impossible.However determined as ever i decided to have a go!

After many attempts, and over 7 hours at the pc (can you believe that?) and after having listened to loads of tutorials on YouTube that just seemed to confuse me more and more, or the voices got on my nerves too much to take in what they were saying (and yes i probably was at the point where the voices were now inside my head and not just from the pc!)…

i finally did it!!!

Here is the original pencil drawing of my youngest boy

Next i did a trace in illustrator using the pen tool, vectors and all that stuff…but i did it in blue as having irlems the constant staring at black on white does my eyes in.

initial blue trace

Then i took it into photoshop and converted into black line on a white background –

black image on white background

and then finally inverted the colours so that it was a white line on a black background

inverted white on black background

i apologise that you need to click on the links, i dont understand why they wont show as images, i even tried to go back into photoshop and save them as jpegs, but then when i attached them they were just blank – so as you can see i still have a long long way to go!! If anyone can tell me why they aren’t showing then please let me know!