One of Rudyard Kipling's Woodcuts

How absolutely beautiful is this image created by the Author and Illustrator Rudyard Kipling? Woodcuts is an area that fascinates me, not only for the cleanness of the line, and the amazing textures that can be created, but also i greatly admire the amount of time that has been put into these creations.

My motto with reference to Art is – why use ten lines when you can use just one! and i feel that the woodcut demonstrates this beautifully, and yet there is also a softness that is created with the fine cuts and lines, fo example just look at the expression on the elephants face, and then image this image drawn with a pen and ink – would it have the same impact ? Just a thought……

I have attempted Lino cutting last year and quite enjoyed that, i would like to think that i may have a go at woodcuts over the summer break, but will definitely be researching into Japanese woodcuts, block printing, and Lino cuts as i progress,,,,,of course there is also the added benefit in the fact that you can use these plates several times instead of it just being a one-off image…sounds good to me!!